Nidec ASI announces development of an advanced ultra-fast charger that connects to the national electricity grid, saying it simplifies and accelerates the electrification of infrastructures for supplying electric vehicles while reducing operating costs.

The prototype of the new charger works as a buffer between the electricity grid and a recharging tower, incorporating 160 kWh of installed batteries with advanced power controls. Against an energy requirement of only 50 kW, the charger can supply 320 kW of power to a vehicle, or more than six times the power drawn from the grid. This allows EV batteries to be recharged to 80% of their capacity in less than 15 minutes, guaranteeing 310 miles (500 km) of travel, Nidec says.

The new charger allows the recharging of two vehicles in parallel or three in series, and is designed to be supplied from both the electricity grid and renewable sources, such as solar energy. It also can be used not only for recharging EVs but also for vehicle-to-grid applications.

“We have succeeded in engineering an advanced solution with a high vehicle-recharging capacity, able to maintain a constant flow in the electricity grid, thereby reducing the risk of blackouts that could be generated in the future as the use of electric cars becomes more widespread,” Matteo Rizzi, director-global sales & marketing, renewables for Nidec Industrial Solutions, says in a news release.