FERNDALE, MI – Environmental consciousness has paid off for Gage Products, now a leading global recycler of solvents and water-based paint purge solutions, says Dan Finkiewicz, chairman and president of the supplier.

“We now own 85% of market share of the purged paint business in automotive – the largest supplier in the U.S. sector,” Finkiewicz says.

Purge solvents are used to flush out paint line automation equipment. The self-contained process ensures all spent material is captured, collected and sent back to Gage for reclamation and repurposing back into virgin quality product, over and over again.

Finkiewicz spoke recently as the 79-year-old supplier dedicated its new 5,000-sq.-ft. (465-sq.-m) Gage Innovation Center at its 12-acre (4.9-ha) campus here. The $3 million facility doubles lab space previously occupying two separate buildings in Ferndale.

“The new Innovation Center underlines our ongoing commitment to customer service, innovative product development and continued growth,” says Finkiewicz, emphasizing the goal of reducing the amount of purge solvents necessary to clean a paint system.

“We save the auto industry millions of dollars while simultaneously improving the environment,” he says.

Gage has enjoyed continued financial growth, even as the U.S. economy stalled last decade.

“We’ve been growing dramatically – an average of 8% a year over the last eight years,” Finkiewicz says. He predicts Gage will post about $70 million in annual sales this year, rising 8% from last year. And $100 million a year is not far in the future, he suggests.

Since 2008, Gage has invested more than $10 million in improved equipment, labs and facility upgrades, Finkiewicz says, adding that Gage’s paint purging process is unique in the industry.

“The new system will give us quicker turnaround on results, enabling expedited feedback to our customers,” says Joe Porco, vice president-sales, marketing and product development.

“The new lab will allow our quality-control techs to better focus on more than 500 tests we run each week.”