Rapper 50 Cent was on hand to establish the street cred of three new Pontiacs unveiled at the New York auto show — the '09 Solstice Coupe, '09 G8 GXP and '10 G8 sport truck.

As the owner of a Pontiac G6 GXP, the 32-year-old former drug dealer, born Curtis James Jackson III, took to the stage alongside Pontiac General Manager Jim Bunnell and GM product guru Bob Lutz to rave about the brand's newest entries.

50 Cent was especially excited about the G8 sport truck, saying he looks forward to having his own, even if its 6.0L, 361-hp V-8 tends to guzzle fuel.

“It's a lot better than a lot of the options,” he says when asked if he has any concerns about fuel economy.

“How many vehicles in this show have V-8 engines? This is something we ain't gonna escape. People want the power, along with the efficiency. It's a compromise on some level, so you can't get everything.”